Awas Kaki

Ronald Lepez, founder of an sportive organisation asked me to design for his newly founded company. Here the things I made


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EnE Mediation (restyle)

My neighbours were having their new business for almost 3 years now.. the business cards suddenly ran out.. with those old card being a little bit crappy (from my first year as a Graphic designer) I offered them to build a completely new one. along with a slightly restyled logo.

Richard and Marjon

During my Traineeship at MAQS I put together their Wedding invitations and the things around the weding for Richard and Marjon in my free time.


I went to Katwijk Aan Zee in the summer of 2011 to entertain kids during their vacation. During the project I did not only entertain the kids with sports and activities but also on the moments around that.. In the form of leaflets, posters and paper glasses. afterwards I put online a movie of some activities around the project and the house were we stayed.

EB Drachten

I have been working as a volunteer for the "Evangelische Boekhandel Drachten" (Christian Bookstore Drachten) for the past few years. During these years the store has been using my skills to make posters and promotional materials.

Design Contests

I participated in different contests for a few years. Here some designs and ideas that got far or were the best (from my opinion).

Projects for ROC Friese Poort

During my time at school I've been working on a lot of projects. some of these projects were specifically targeted to help school.

About me

All things you need to know about me and above all the man behind the work. maybe I can do something for you


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My name is Peter van der Meulen, I'm 22 years old, love computing, drawing, surfing (reallife), And i'm completely blown away by people who make good design (including me :p) I study Graphic Design @ ROC Friese Poort Drachten, and as a freelancer I create all kinds of stuff for my customers.

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