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Hi I’m Amonfog, also known as Peter van der Meulen. I’m 22 years old, love my guitar, my (wind) surfboard, broken computers that are fixable beyond imagination and I’m completely blown away by Good design(ers) (including myself).

I’m currently studying Communication and Multimedia design @ the NHL located in a city called Leeuwarden (Netherlands). in my leisure I design random stuff for all kinds of companies. You can check my Portfolio for a small set of stuff that was made by me. Check www.kaboomreclame.nl for my proffesional portfolio and sollutions



My name is Peter van der Meulen, I'm 22 years old, love computing, drawing, surfing (reallife), And i'm completely blown away by people who make good design (including me :p) I study Graphic Design @ ROC Friese Poort Drachten, and as a freelancer I create all kinds of stuff for my customers.

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I am currently looking for a job!

Do you have some space left for a super creative Graphic Designer / Webdesigner in your company?
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